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The Energetics of Self-Defense

A two-hour introductory workshop with Mark Davis
Produced by Deborah Bluth, Patrick Crowley & Ali Essakali

Saturday January 11, 2003 3-5 p.m.

In a safe and non competitive environment,
come explore how the elements of fire, water, wind & earth
can help you find natural responses to difficult situations
Feel movement and intent as energy
Learn common sense tools of trusting your instincts to avoid danger
This workshop promises to be informational, fun and provocative!

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contact 617-320-9792/ to reserve a space

@The Dance Complex
536 Mass Ave.
Central Sq, Cambridge

This workshop is geared towards people from all walks of life

Mark Davis has over thirty-one years experience in the martial arts and is a Shidoshi in the Bujinkan organization. He continues to train intensively via frequent trips to Japan to study with the Grandmaster, Dr. Hatsumi, and several other extraordinarily talented Bujinkan instructors. Stateside, Mr. Davis continues to train with Mr. Stephen K. Hayes, one of the world's foremost authorities on Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. Ali Essakali, Debrah Bluth and Patrick Crowley are students of Mr. Davis.