Self-Defense Quiz
Please take a moment to review and answer the questions. An answer guide is provided below.

1. Which person do you feel is the most likely to become victimized?

A) A white female over age 60.
B) A white male age 20.
C) A black male age 20.
D) A black female over age 60.

2. In the event of an attack, how likely is the aggressor to carry a weapon?

A) Not likely at all.
B) Possibly - a 30% chance.
C) Over half of all attackers carry a weapon.
D) All aggressors carry weapons.

3. In your lifetime how likely are you to become a victim of theft?

A) Not likely at all.
B) Possibly - 30% chance.
C) Everybody will be a victim of theft at least once.
D) Never - as long as I take the right precautions.

4.Over half of all sexual assaults are completed by somebody that is known to the victim?

A) True
B) False

5. What is the most likely thing a perpetrator will do before an attack?

A) Ask you a question like "what time is it?" to get close to you.
B) Hide so he can jump on you as you turn the corner.
C) Follow you down the street until he reaches a secluded spot.
D) All of the above.


1.) The correct answer is C.
According to statistics black males between the ages of 18-24 are the most likely to become the victims of crime. However, most people are under a different impression due to what is reported by the media. Remember that the media may select to report certain cases (for their coverage appeal) as opposed to others which happen more frequently.

2.) The correct answer is C.
Over half of attackers are likely to carry a weapon and during an attack it may be concealed.

3.) The correct answer is C.
Everybody will be a victim of ‘theft’ at least once in their life.

4.) The correct answer is TRUE.
Over half of all sexual assaults are committed by a person known to the victim.

5.) The correct answer is A.
A predator will more than likely try to get close to you to control your personal space. This will also give him/her the opportunity to asses you as a target. It is unlikely that a predator will make a big scene such as jumping on you in public – or even solicit suspicion by following you for a sustained time. They are looking for a target which is easy to control and will not offer much resistance.

How did you do?

5 correct – Excellent! Keep up the good work on understanding crime prevention.
4 correct – Great awareness! Which one did you get wrong and why?
3 correct – More thank half right, but please take a moment to rethink the ones you got wrong.
2 correct – Please take a moment to think carefully about your awareness of crime and crime prevention.
1 correct – Needs attention!!! You may want to think about reading a book like “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker.
0 correct – Strong recommendation to invest a moment in literature on self-defense and/or a course.

This quiz was compiled by reviewing statistics (1998-2002) as provided by the Uniform Crime Report (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (Bureau of Justice Statistics) as well as several other criminal justice textbooks. It is meant to increase your awareness of crime and how it occurs.

There are several factors which make crime prevention a success but one of the most important and key ingredients is understanding how to stay safe and how to avoid becoming a victim, even though martial arts can be effective as a method of self-defense the best thing is to never have to use them!

Should you ever have any questions please always feel free to give us a call at 617-789-5524.


The Senior Staff at the Boston Martial Arts Center.