Self-Defense and Crime Prevention



A word about Self-Defense and Crime Prevention:

It is important to note that crime prevention should occur long before self-defense happens. In other words the best possible situation is never to become a victim of a crime. Although there are no fail safe ways to achieve this, at the Boston Martial Arts Center we believe in doing everything possible to keep you from ever becoming a victim.

This page will be dedicated to providing safety tips as well as resources, not only for people who have decided to study martial arts but also for members of the community or those of you who have taken a moment to visit our website.

Our goal at the Boston Martial Arts Center is not only to provide excellence in martial arts training but also to work towards making communities and neighborhoods safer. We have offered self-defense seminars for the community free of charge. For information on upcoming events please visit here.

Staying safe tips:

  • Be especially aware of times during the day which involve travel or commuting. Often we are tired, distracted or preoccupied with thoughts involving work and are therefore less sensitive to the environment. Do not be misled into believing that crowds are safe. The more noise and confusion which surrounds you the more opportunity a predator will have to steal from you or follow you unnoticed. Always be aware of your surroundings and make sure you maintain a good safe personal space around yourself.
Victim Services and Police Resources:

Many victims are not aware that there are victim services available at the state and government level. We have provided some links below that may be of use to people that have been the victims of crime. It is important to know that victims have rights and are entitled to support and help.
National Organization for Victim Assistance
Boston Police Department
United States Department of Justice
Office for Victims of Crime
Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Victim Information
Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General – victim financial compensation information