Boston Martial Arts - Instructor Profiles

Our Chief Instructor, Mr. Mark Davis,

has over thirty one years experience in the martial arts and is a Shidoshi in the Bujinkan organization. He continues to train intensively via frequent trips to Japan to study with the Grandmaster, Dr. Hatsumi, and several other extraordinarily talented Bujinkan instructors. Stateside, Mr. Davis continues to train with Mr. Stephen K. Hayes, one of the world's foremost authorities on Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. Mr. Hayes has been studying with Grandmaster Hatsumi longer than any other American and has been seen on the cover of Black Belt Magazine as recently as September 1998. Mr.Davis hosts open-to-the-public seminars with Mr. Hayes annually.

Kenneth Savage

Head Instructor and Shidoshi: Ken Savage began his warrior quest with Kenpo Karate in January of 1976 and the study of Ninpo in June of 1985. Mr. Savage is also the founder and director of New England Warrior Camp. NEWC was founded after passing his Godan test and is dedicated to bringing the highest quality Ninpo training to New England and works to unify training in New England keeping the area strong. Mr. Savage holds a degree in exercise physiology and physical education and currently works as an Adapted Physical Education Specialist at a school for special needs students west of Boston.

Paul Etherington

Mr. Etherington is a Shidoshi and has been training in the Bujinkan for seventeen years, both at the Boston Martial Arts Center and in Great Britain. He is one of the primary instructors at the school and his profound commitment to this art is reflected by his students ability to learn so efficiently. Mr. Etherington is an exceptional teacher whose attention to detail and capacity to explain things clearly ensures excellent classes. Mr. Etherington currently works as an MIS Manager for a major US corporation.

Jon F. Merz

Mr. Merz is entering his eleventh year of training in the Bujinkan and has fifteen years of training in various martial arts styles. He brings experiences gained from his work with the United States Air Force, US Government, and private security into his classes. Mr. Merz's first novel "The Fixer" was published May 2002 by Pinnacle Books.

Arthur Kotsifas

Mr. Kotsifas is entering his eleventh year of training in the Bujinkan and also has numerous years of experience in other martial arts styles as well. An extensive background in personal nutrition and exercise adds a unique facet to his classes. Mr. Kotsifas works as a consultant at a major U.S. software corporation.

William Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan has over fifteen years experience in the Bujinkan. He also has numerous years of experience in other martial arts styles as well. Mr. Sullivan is very devoted to teaching and encourages students to share questions and experiences at the end of every class. He is a software engineer at a local-based software company.

Barry Meklir

Mr. Meklir has been training in the Bujinkan for over 12 as well as having studied various other styles of martial arts. Drawing from his work as both a physical therapist and muscular therapist, he brings a deep understanding of biomechanics and unique holistic perspective to his classes. You can visit him on the web at

Michael Zaino

Mr. Zaino teaches the children's classes on Saturday mornings and brings over ten years of training in the Bujinkan and the experience of raising three children into every class he teaches. Mr. Zaino is known for his supportive approach to making sure our younger students get the most out of their BMAC training. Mr. Zaino currently works as a firefighter with the Haverhill Fire Department.

Isa Markevitz

Isa teaches the twice-weekly cardio-kickboxing classes at the Boston Martial Arts Center. Isa's high energy and explosive music make this class a fantastic cardiovascular workout! Isa has been training at the BMAC for three years and has been teaching for a year and a half. She currently lives in Somerville and works at WGBH.